Throwback Thursday: Venue Safari

Bah, humbug, another boring Thursday and another boring throwback. Hashtag, smashtag, right? SAID NOBODY EVER! (Incidentally, smash tag was a variant of tag we used to play in the alleys of the neighborhood where I grew up. You'd ride your bikes around and the person who was "it" would leap out and smash you into a garbage can. Later on I found out that this wasn't a real game at all, just a guy who lived behind the garbage cans and really didn't like me. Ah, childhood!) 

This week we're fondly reminiscing about the nice writeup Gallery 1028 got from venue writeup champions Venue Safari. They have a few choice photos of the space all bedazzled and bejeweled and bepersoned and whatnot, so don't delay -- get over there now. Now now now!

Calihan Blog Staff