Throwback Thursday: Julie & Andrew

Today we're throwin' back to the first wedding ever, of Crggg and Qrta! Unfortunately it took place millennia before the invention of the photograph so we'll just have to imagine the lovely couple, who tied the knot at our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's first event venue, Cavern 1028. At that time they hadn't invented knots, so they didn't know they were tying the knot, but they ceremonially mashed each other on the head with clubs and that brought a tear to everyone's eye, you betcha. 

If you insist on a wedding with some visual imagery, fine -- how about Julie & Andrew's from October 2011? (Of course, if you read the title you knew I was gonna give you what you wanted eventually, didn't you, you smart person you.) Erica Rose Photography took lovely photographs of the lovely couple and their lovely wedding and put them up on her lovely blog, so why don't you lovely people use your lovely fingers to touch or click lovingly on that link and check them out love love love love love?

photos courtesy of Erica Rose Photography

Calihan Blog Staff