Throwback Thursday: Jen & Dan

Jen & Dan pledged eternal love to one another on November 1 2014. Unlike most people, who pledge eternal love to one another in a darkened tunnel far away from everyone they know and care about, Jen & Dan thought, "You know what? Let's do it in public, and invite all our family and friends to bear witness and help us celebrate. I think that might be an even better way to do it." And they did. And they were right: it was better. Hooray for their outside-the-tunnel thinking! Hopefully this wedding inspires other people to try it this way instead, so we can get back to using darkened tunnels for their original purpose: hiding all our bootleg liquor.  

You Me Photography was working the shutter for this one, and a selection of the fine results is up at Modwedding. Take the nearest darkened tunnel over to one or both sites and you will be rewarded. 

Calihan Blog Staff