Throwback Thursday: Lisa & Scott

Webster's dictionary describes a wedding as: "the process of removing weeds from one's garden." -Homer Simpson

I'm not one to get sentimental, but when I think about just about anything that involves sentiment, I start to uncontrollably cry. So you can imagine how I felt when looking through the photos that Studio Starling took of Lisa & Scott on the day when they removed the weeds from their shared garden of love. Am I singlehandedly keeping the facial tissue companies in business? Well, no, they are huge multinational corporations. That's a weird question. Did I go through a year's supply just trying to keep my face dry after viewing all that beautiful sentiment? Yes, I absolutely did. And you will too, dear Throwback Thursday compatriot of mine. Or my name isn't Sentimental Jones. 

cover photo credit Studio Starling

Calihan Blog Staff