Throwback Thursday: Lauren & Sam

Well, well, well, what have we here? Another Thursday! Thought you could just sneak right by us, did you, eh, Thursday? Thought you might catch us sleeping? Not likely! We are the most diligent Throwbackers in all Throwbackdom! Now bring us all a sandwich. Just one. We'll split it amongst ourselves.

On the docket today, it's Lauren and Sam! Good old Lauren and Sam. Who couldn't love Lauren and Sam? Amanda Hein Photography loves Lauren and Sam. G1028 loves Lauren and Sam. And if the beautiful, delightful, wonderful, super special wedding they had is any indication, we're guessing Lauren and Sam and Lauren and Sam's family and friends love Lauren and Sam, too. Browse to the link there and fall in love with Lauren and Sam yourself. Don't be shy. Everyone's doing it. 

Calihan Blog Staff