Throwback Thursday: Brenda & Joe

Early fall is a harmonious time. It makes a person think of symphonies, of orchestras, all these disparate parts and players coming together to make something beautiful. It makes a person think of the past and present converging into something altogether new. Brenda and Joe got married on 9/10/11, a great date for those who like harmonious dates, and also, by a stroke of luck, the first time we've thrown back to a wedding reasonably close to the anniversary of that wedding! Harmonious convergence all around. Can you feel the harmony? Can you? CAN YOU?

Ahem. Brenda and Joe vowed never-ending love to one another five years ago at one of our very favorite Gallery 1028 events. Clementine Custom Events were the puppet masters behind the evening, and they mastered the puppetry better than if they were an old-school Metallica record. (OK, I understand that in the Venn diagram of Gallery 1028 blog readers and old-school Metallica fans, there is probably not a lot of overlap. But I wanted to make the joke anyways. Incidentally, the record has a lot of harmonious guitar solos.)

If love is a symphony, there are sure to be some sour notes, but on a day like today it's good to reflect on the harmony and delight that it brings to the world. 

(See? I'm capable of real feelings, too. Sincerely yours, ThrowbackBot221221331)

Cover photo credit J. Brown Photo

Calihan Blog Staff