Hotels Series: The Kinzie Hotel

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The next stop on the Gallery 1028 team’s adventure around the city found us in the middle of State and Dearborn, gazing up in wonder at the lovely, six story, just renovated, Kinzie Hotel.

The hotel makes a distinctive first impression. The lobby is filled with interesting art pieces, modern furniture, and harmonious geometries. We were greeted warmly by the doorman and front desk and started the tour on this high note.

Stopping on the third floor, we viewed a one-bedroom suite. The room was stunning, with a curved bay window, wardrobe that perfectly fits a wedding dress, and impeccable décor.

One of my favorite aspects about the room is how the geometric patterns subtly enhance the charm of the space. These kinds of patterns are often overwhelming, even garish, but the Kinzie executes with class and elegance. The floor is a dark blue carpet with hexagons accented with a beautiful backdrop of the Chicago map. It is hard to explain as to how well the décor actually fits the space; you must see it for yourself ;)

The next great thing we learned about The Kinzie Hotel is the interesting take on breakfast service. You always hear about the typical breakfast service that occurs in hotels where there is a huge open buffet in one main room. However, The Kinzie one-upped everyone by offering a breakfast service on EACH floor of their hotel. All you have to do is roll out of bed, put on a comfy pair of Kinzie Hotel slippers, and walk a few feet to get yourself a hearty, nutritious breakfast.

Another great feature of the hotel is that they have a lounge that serves hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to refresh after a long day out in the city, or a long day of last minute wedding planning. This space can also be used for a day after brunch space, too. It is a great intimate space that can be transformed to have your wedding party together one last time before they make the trip back home.

Lastly, attrition. There is no attrition for up to 10 rooms. This means that you will not have to pay a fee if you block 10 rooms for your guests and only 9 get filled.

Overall, the Kinzie Hotel is a great option for a room block if you are looking for one. The renovated rooms, modern touches, and location are perfect for your guests!

Calihan Blog Staff