Throwback Thursday: Hello Darling Event Design

Something just a touch different this Thursday... wait, wait, don't go! It's not THAT different. We're still going to be throwing back to some glorious times gone by. Calm down. Jeez. Instead of focusing on a particular couple, though, we're taking a look at Hello Darling Event Design's past work transforming G1028 into a piece of ambient art. This is from a wedding they designed with a theme called "Indie Rock Chic", which is both a sweet pun and a great theme in its own right. On their blog they run through some design decisions in detail, and of course there are a plethora of pixel-rich photographs to accompany the post. Travel as fast as you can through the Interwebs to their site to get a cool behind-the-scenes look at what goes into designing a wedding aesthetic. Happy Throwbacking! See, aren't you happy you stuck around? 

cover photo credit Hello Darling Event Design

Calihan Blog Staff