Throwback Thursday: Katlyn & Kevin

Today is a day that puts me in a frame of mind to think about other days. Past days. Days where cool things happened, where we met interesting people, where we danced interesting dances. Days where life felt bursting with possibility, instead of like an interminable crushing weight bearing down on you. That's what Throwback Thursday is all about, people! Avoiding the crushing weight of reality!* 

Katlyn and Kevin are two lovely humans who decided a while back to spend the rest of their earthly lives together. Which is sweet. They held the ceremony where they told everyone they know and love about this decision right here at Gallery 1028, which is also sweet. Studio Finch used advanced technology to preserve special moments from the day in digitized amber, which are available for viewing every second Thursday after the full moon from 8:51AM to 9:22AM.**

Click/touch/mindmeld with the link and you'll be rewarded with a treasure trove of delightful imagery. I guarantee it.***

*Sorry, don't know what happened here. Our blog-writing bots must've become sentient and read too much Sartre. We're rewiring them now. 

**Update: they are available for viewing anytime.

***This guarantee holds zero legal weight.

cover photo credit Studio Finch

Calihan Blog Staff