Throwback Thursday: Ida & Patrick

It's Thursday once again, and you know what that means... time to spin up the flux capacitors and dial in a date.

This time I think I'll go for summer 2014, when Ida and Patrick graced Gallery 1028 with their lovely presences. Orange2 Photography (that's Orange^2, Orange Squared, but I don't know how to superscript) was there and just happened to have a camera, so they were all like, "you guys don't mind if we take some gorgeous snaps of you, do you?" and Ida and Patrick were all like, "Heck no!" Head to their site to see the fruit of that non-imaginary conversation which definitely took place. (See what I did there? Orange? Fruit? OK, I'll go home now.)

images courtesy of Orange2 Photography / Gerber Scarpelli Weddings

Calihan Blog Staff