Herbal Remedy: Fresh Herbs to Spice Up Your Event

There seems to be a new trend making its way through the Chicagoland area, and the G1028 team is all about it. Herbs, herbs, and more herbs. We have noticed the use of pairing cocktails and mocktails with herbs and we absolutely love it. A simple, yet elegant pairing that keeps the crowd talking, and drinking. Also, an eye-popping decoration option that is simply elegant. Here are some herbs and simple combinations you can’t really go wrong with:


Rosemary and Lemonade:

Try infusing a basic lemonade recipe with some rosemary for a deep, woodsy note that’s refreshingly complex. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary for presentation. This drink is incredibly fragrant and can be made to your liking. One recipe we like is from A Beautiful Mess. For a more adult version, try tossing some vodka in there for an extra kick.


Lavender and Champagne:

Plan on poppin’ a bottle of champagne for your big day? Top off your champagne flute with a sprig of lavender. Champagne can be an acquired taste, and the lavender will help add a sweet note to combat the bitterness of the champagne. Lavender tastes just like it smells, very floral. So the longer you keep the sprig in there, the more floral it will taste. For a slightly more complex version try this. For a kiddie version just substitute a sparkling grape juice.


Simple Syrups:

Try making simple syrup out of herbs. It is actually quite ‘simple’ (No pun intended). These come in handy especially if you have some left over herbs you just don’t know what to do with. Simple syrup can last for over a month, and you can use any flavors you can imagine: lavender, mint, basil, and rosemary, to name a few. You can truly get creative with this and there are endless combinations.


Herbs and Décor:

Try sprucing up your tablescapes with nothing else but herbs! You may be shocked at how elegant they look all by themselves. Here at G1028, we have seen the use of rosemary sprigs attached to place cards for a rustic-chic place setting and it looks incredible. A rosemary sprig stands out against a white napkin and makes a distinctive statement. And of course, you can use nearly any herb you would like, but lavender, thyme and rosemary are the most visually appealing.


If you are interested in this new Chicagoland trend, make sure you let your planner or Calihan Catering know. We can easily incorporate some herbs into cocktails and mocktails that will make everyone happy.

Calihan Blog Staff