In the Details: 7 Planning Items You May Be Forgetting

The wedding planning process can be intense.  You have hundreds of decisions to make in a limited amount of time.  Think about it; you have to pick the venue, catered-food options, floral arrangements, centerpieces, seating arrangements and so much more. At this point, you are probably wondering what the purpose of this article is, and that would be to remind you of a few things that are EASILY forgotten during the planning process.



1.)  Marriage License:

You do want to be legally married, right? Believe it or not, this is one of the common things forgotten by couples. And, the good thing is that it is incredibly simple. Just head to your local county clerk and fill out an application. 

2.)  Food Allergies:

There is a 99% chance there will be a guest with a food allergy at your wedding. Although that statistic was not scientifically proven, know this is crucial for the safety of your guests. Make sure you communicate with your guests to confirm if they have any allergies.  An easy way to find out this information is to ask if the guests are gluten free, vegan, etc. on your RSVP. This way, you get the guest count and their choice of entrée all in one!

3.)  Vendor Meals:

What are vendor meals? Well, these are the meals you will plan for all of those providing a service to your wedding, such as the DJ, band, photographer, and so on. Talk to your caterer for options! Also, don’t forget meals for the servers. If you are having a late night snack catered option, it is always easy to add a few more boxes of pizza onto your order and provide them to the servers after their shifts are over. A simple, yet very appreciated thank you.



4.)  Consider Flipping the Room:

A huge way to save money and time on your wedding day would be having the ceremony AND reception at the same venue. Often times, you can flip the room within an hour to ensure the reception can take place just after cocktail hour finishes! Keep in mind that elaborate décor and a larger space will call for a longer time to flip the room, so plan your timeline accordingly. Remember, it is always better to leave extra time than to cut yourself short.

5.)  Phone Chargers:

This may be a tad self-explanatory, but necessary. If you have a bridal suite leave a few chargers in there so your bridal party can have a secure place to charge their phones. Also, leave your phone in there as well. Having charged phones after the wedding could be a necessity for people using the super reliable Google Maps, using the Uber app, or posting amazing quality selfies on Instagram.



6.)  Passport:

Are you two lovebirds going on a luxurious honeymoon after your wedding? Travelling to Punta Cana? Bora Bora? Playa del Carmen? The Italian wine country? Well, you aren’t going to get there without a passport. If you are leaving for your trip the day after your wedding, pack your bags a few days before and do not forget your passport. 

7.)  Thank You Notes:

Make sure you send your thank you notes after the wedding! Try to get them done as quickly as possible. The quicker you get them done, the quicker you are free from post-wedding obligations. You will thank me later (No pun intended).

Remember that you can save thousands of dollars by planning your own wedding, but you still want to be able to enjoy your big day. Consider hiring an event planner for full or partial day-of coordination. The planner will make sure you’re enjoying your wedding rather than orchestrating it.


Calihan Blog Staff