The Season of Giving

The Season of Giving

As the holiday season comes and goes, we often think about ways to give back to those in need, whether it be adopting a family to buy Christmas gifts for, donating clothes to a shelter, or volunteering at a local food bank. But, you can also incorporate these charitable acts at your wedding too!


Here are some interesting ways to incorporate charity at your G1028 wedding:


1.)           Skip the takeaway goody bags


How many times have you been to a wedding where you have actually used what was in the goody bag??? I am guessing your ratio is less than 50%. Skip the bag all together and use that money to donate to a charity of choice.  You can place a tent card on each table notifying the guests of your generosity. A simple, yet very charitable way of spending a few hundred dollars.


2.)          Truffles for a Cause


 If you are still looking for a takeaway bag but want to feel even better about giving your guests a gift, Truffles for a Cause is your answer.  Essentially, you purchase these lovely boxed truffles, personalized with colors of your choice, and select the charity that the proceeds go to. These are a very super, and convenient way of giving to your guests and to the charity of your choice.


3.)          Bright Endeavors


At G1028, we provide you with the option of having all of our walls light with candles made by Bright Endeavors.  Bright Endeavors is a candle company who employs young women faced with poverty the opportunity to make income while taking care of children.  Simply ask your Account Executive about including candlelit walls, and we can provide that for you!

Zachary Stevens